What to wear to visit Machu Picchu?

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2016 Ticket Machu PicchuTicket Machu Picchu has prepared a list of clothing and accessories you’ll need to visit Machu Picchu.



The suggested clothes may vary according to the weather, which present at the time of the trip.

  • Medium backpack 20-40 liters to carry personal items.
  • Socks for trails.
  • Anti slip walking shoes.
  • Sunny Days:
    • Sunglasses.
    • Sunscreen with high SPF.
    • Hat or cap, sun protection.
    • Removable pants.
    • Poles of cotton.
    • Repellent.
    • Sweater and turtleneck for the cold nights.
  • Rainy days:
    • Waterproof cover for the backpack.
    • Long sleeve shirts Flannel preference.
    • Sweater or turtleneck.
    • Waterproof jacket.
    • Waterproof poncho.
    • Gloves.
    • Hat for the cold.
    • Lip protection.


  • Enough water to stay hydrated on a walk at least two hours.
  • A rubber-tipped cane (if you plan a long walk).
  • Camera.
  • Camcorder camera.
  • Extra batteries.
  • Additional storage memory.
  • Drugs to alleviate altitude sickness.
  • Money in small denominations.



By Ticket Machu Picchu – Last Update, 06-07-2015


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